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5 Interesting Facts About Emily Dickinson

1. During her life, Emily was known more for her gardening than her poetry. 2.Emily was a recluse and would only talk to visitors through the door. 3.Emily joined an all female seminary but was there for only a year. 4.Fewer than a dozen of her nearly 1800 poems were published. 5.Dickinson's father served in the… Continue reading 5 Interesting Facts About Emily Dickinson

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10 Facts That You May Not Know!

You can survive entirely on potatoes and butter.  They provide all of the nutrients you need! You can live without eating for weeks, but you can live without sleep for only 11 days! In the morning, eating an apple will keep you more awake than drinking coffee! The acid in your stomach is strong enough… Continue reading 10 Facts That You May Not Know!

Writing Prompts

Writing Inspiration| The Sahara Desert

  Today's writing inspiration is the Sahara Desert!  Here are a few writing prompts along with some pictures! The sun beat down hard parching my exposed skin and eyes.  I ran out of water the evening before and had nothing to eat for the last two days.  My body was hungry and calling out for… Continue reading Writing Inspiration| The Sahara Desert


The Q&A Answers!| What Is My Bible Study Plan?

Hey guys!  So, a few days ago I asked everybody to give me some questions and guess what...I got ONE whole question. 🙂 But that's alright, I can make a post out of that question. itsallaboutchristblog asked me the question, and she asked: Hello Britt, What kind of person are you? Do you have a… Continue reading The Q&A Answers!| What Is My Bible Study Plan?

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Places I Would Like To Travel!| Ireland

New series everyone!  It is called, "Places I Would Like To Travel!"  On each new post I will put a different place I would like to travel to along with some pictures of that place.  I already did a post like this yesterday and scheduled it, I believe to be published this coming Monday.  But,… Continue reading Places I Would Like To Travel!| Ireland

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Eight Names I Like

Hey everybody!  Today I'm going to share eight names that I like.  Doing some writing I have looked through the name book for names that would work for my characters and found some I really liked.   Sadie James Josie Chloe Nathan Emma Olivia (Liv) Kate   What names do you like?  Old fashioned?  More modern? … Continue reading Eight Names I Like

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Ask Me Some Questions!| Q&A Time!!

  Hey guys!  I'm going to do my first Q&A ever on Britt's Book Corner!  Ask me your questions that you may have. It can be anything from books, to my lifestyle, to my relationship with Christ.  All that I ask is that you be appropriate and have good language as you ask the questions.… Continue reading Ask Me Some Questions!| Q&A Time!!

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Are You Ready To Meet Jesus?

I don't know what all I'm going to all talk about in this post.  It is going to be random because I guess I am feeling random today. I have some things I do want to talk about though.  One very sobering and one very exciting for me at least. Let's start with the exciting one: … Continue reading Are You Ready To Meet Jesus?